Evides Mobile Solutions are suitable for use in calamities or planned activities or to meet temporary extra demiwater requirements

Modular structure RO units (mRO)
The mobile RO is the fastest solution. This plant produces a demiwater quality with conductivity of < 10 μS/cm. We have a large number of these units available. Multiple units can be positioned next to each other for extra capacity.

Mobile DemiStraat (mDS)
Our mobile DemiStraat consists of three containers with an RO facility, softening with ion exchange and electro-deionisation (EDI). The mDS offers you product water of excellent quality with conductivity of 0.2 μS/cm. This makes it suitable for direct use in a high-pressure steam system.

Continuity guaranteed
With Evides Mobile Solutions, you monitor the continuity of your production process. As a rule, the installations are positioned within eight hours and in emergencies can even be on their way to you within two hours. An Evides Industriewater service technician puts the installation into operation and can also operate it.

Applications of Mobile Solutions
Successful applications for the planned deployment of our mobile RO units include the commissioning of new installations (such as steam tests), chemical conditioning, temporary extra water production and/or maintenance activities. Evides can always make you a suitable offer, whether the rental period of the installations is fixed or not.

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The advantages of Mobile Solutions from Evides Industriewater:
• Availability always guaranteed
• Normally positioned within eight hours
• Installation and operation by specialised Evides Industriewater operators
• Compliance with European industrial certificates and safety standards (VCA**, ISO9001, ISO55001 and PAS55)

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