With a central location in the Benelux, Limburg has a dynamic industry both inside and outside the borders of its province – in both the chemical sector and the food industry. To help these companies in the area of industrial water services, Evilim Industrial Water is offering a broad package of water services that has been custom-designed for the industrial activities in the area.

Evilim’s package of services includes the delivery of process water, waste water purification, the construction and operational management of custom-designed plants and water consultancy. As with all other activities and participations of Evides Industriewater, custom-designed water solutions play a central role.

Thanks to the cooperation between WML and Evides, the industry sector in Limburg can benefit from combined knowledge, expertise and experience in industrial water. Moreover, Evilim offers a reliable drinking water backup. Which means a win-win situation for the entire province.

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