Evides Industriewater has a certified management system that conforms to ISO 9001. Besides the ISO 9001 (quality assurance) certificate, Evides also has certificates for: ISO 55001 (asset management), VCA** (Safety, Health and Environment, Contractor Checklist) and Gold level Sustainable Site Management. An accredited agency evaluates our management system every year.

ISO 9001
The ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management. The certificate applies to the entire Evides organisation. The goal of this management system is to improve the overall performance of the organisation. It helps the organisation to consistently provide products and services that meet clients’ requirements and increase client satisfaction.

ISO 55001
The ISO 55001 is an international standard for asset management. The certificate applies to Evides Industriewater. The goal of this management system is the optimal maintenance of the assets within acceptable risks and at acceptable costs as measured over the entire life span of the assets. This is carried out in an efficient, sustainable and cost-effective manner that is geared towards the strategic objectives of the organisation and the needs of the shareholders.

The VCA** is a national standard for safety management. The certificate applies to a number of departments within Evides. The goal of this management system is to facilitate a safe and healthy working environment and environmental savings. Companies that are VCA certified comply in practice with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and corresponding legislation. A VCA management system increases the level of safety awareness of the employees and results in lowering the rate of absenteeism as well as the number of accidents.

Gold Level Sustainable Site Management
The Sustainable Site Management Barometer, published by the Environmental Assessment Foundation (Stichting Milieukeur), is a certification system with two levels: Silver and Gold. Evides presides over a Gold level certificate. This applies to the entire company. The goal of the certificate is a sustainable management of all our company and nature sites. In addition to not using chemical pesticides on either the paved surfaces or the vegetation, we only process plants, wood, plastics and pavement materials on our sites and reserves that have a number of environmental labels. Furthermore, we manage our nature reserves according to the Barometer’s established requirements and as stated in the management plans.

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