Mobile solutions for supply of deminwater


Sometimes you need extra deminwater. During maintenance of your own installation for example. Or if you need more deminwater than your own installation can deliver e.g. in an emergency situation. At those moments the mobile RO-unit of Evides Industriewater can provide the solution.

Evides has mobile reverse osmoses (RO) units that can deliver 50 or 100 m³/ hour. The total capacity of the fleet is 1.100 m³/ hour. The RO-units can work stand-alone, in series or parallel. Parallel can deliver a higher capacity and in series provides a higher water quality (lower conductivity) water.

The RO-units can easily be placed on your site because they are built in a standard 20feet container. Our services team makes sure the installation is operational and can deliver the deminwater into your process. Once installed the system works unmanned. Visualisation of conditions, start and stop of the installation and setting the parameters you need for the mobile RO-unit can be done via a PC located in the container. The mobile RO-unit also contains a first-aid kit, a 5 kg carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, chemical safety datasheets and an eye-rinse bottle. With the Mobile Solutions of Evides, the continuity and delivery of your deminwater supply is assured.

Do you have any questions or a need for a mobile RO unit? Please contact your account manager or send an email to


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