A matter of customisation
Condensate polishing always involves customisation. And at Evides Industriewater we have the knowledge and experience in house to deliver this customisation. We ensure that the condensed water is used cleanly and – supplemented (or not) with new demiwater – with as much energy conservation as possible. This results in more efficient processes and extensive cost savings.

Optimising processes with condensate polishing
A number of major industrial companies such as Shell, Q8 and Dow are currently using our expertise in the field of condensate polishing. With customisation as the basic principle, we have developed solutions that they can use to optimise their processes.

Innovation for a better environment
It almost goes without saying that the re-use of demiwater is a sustainable solution. At Evides Industriewater, we always want to find innovative ways of protecting the environment and making industrial processes more efficient.

Why condensate polishing from Evides Industriewater?
• Sustainable
• Cost-effective
• High quality
• Optimal customisation

Evides Industriewater, inventive.