How it works
The deminwater filling point works with a smart authorisation process. Via an app on their smartphone (tanker) drivers can get an authorisation code to start the filling process. The authorisation code has to be entered on the touch screen at the filling point. If the authorisation is approved the deminwater will be supplied directly from the production plant. Between 5 and 40 m3 of deminwater can be supplied in one load. For smaller amounts there is a separate tap for volumes between 50 to 200 litres. Because the filling point is accessible from the public road there are no access limitations and no additional safety rules.

Who is it for
The specifications of the deminwater from the filling point make it suitable for industrial cleaning, cleansing containers for food supplies, supplementation for heating networks, for window cleaners and as irrigation water for horticulture.

Additional information
Would you like to know how you can start using this service? Or do you want more information about the specification of the deminwater? In this factsheet you can find all the details.

Evides Industriewater, inventive.