Purifying waste water
By focusing on the wishes of our customers and continuously investing in innovation, Evides Industriewater has developed into one of the leading specialists in the area of waste water purification. Evides Industriewater purifies the waste water for Amsterdam International Airport (Schiphol) and business parks in Delfzijl and Vlissingen-Oost, to which around 60 companies are affiliated. In the region of the Hague / Delft, Evides purifies the household waste water of more than 1 million people every day.

bekijk-animatie-buttonBy outsourcing the purification of waste water, companies don’t have to invest in the realisation and maintenance of their own waste water purification plants. Evides Industriewater designs, builds, finances and maintains these plants on the basis of DBFO contracts (Design, Build, Finance & Operate). In this way, the waste water is purified optimally, sustainably and in compliance with the applicable regulations, and the companies can concentrate on their core business.

Schiphol waste water purification plant (AWZI)


The Schiphol waste water purification plant is located in Schiphol-Oost. This plant biologically purifies around 4,000 m3 of waste water every day to a quality that is suitable for discharge into the Haarlemmerringvaart waterway. Evides Industriewater has signed a long-term contract with Schiphol Nederland BV for the management of this waste water purification plant. By using the expertise of Evides Industriewater, the Utility Services department of Schiphol Nederland BV can focus on its core business: Schiphol Airport’s energy supply.

Service: collecting and treating waste water produced by passengers and companies at Schiphol. Sedimentation, denitrification, aerobic purification, fermentation.
Capacity: 54,000 VE

Sloe waste water purification plant (AWZI)


Evides Industriewater purifies the waste water of a large number of companies established in the Sloe business park in Vlissingen. To do this, Evides has built an active sludge plant under its own management with a maximum capacity of 50,000 VE. Because Evides organises the purification of waste water and arranges the requisite permits and in that way ensures that industrial dischargers have nothing to worry about. This plant was developed on the basis of a DBFO contract.

Service: receiving and purifying waste water produced by companies located at the Vlissingen business park.
Capacity: 45,000 VE.

Harnasch polder / Houtrust waste water purification plant


The Harnasch polder waste water purification plant has a purification capacity of 1.3 million contamination units (VE) and is the largest in the Netherlands. In an area of 25 hectares, the waste water produced by more than 1 million residents and around 40,000 companies in the region of The Hague is purified. The waste water purification plant can purify around 250,000 cubic metres of waste water per day. Evides Industriewater operates the Harnaschpolder and Houtrust waste water purification plants through Delfluent Services. 

Service: collecting and treating waste water from the region of The Hague. Sedimentation, denitrification, aerobic purification, fermentation.
Capacity: 1.3 million VE.

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