About Evides Industrial water

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Why Evides Industriewater?

We develop reliable and sustainable tailored water solutions for the industry. The closing of the water cycle and reduction of the water footprint are a key issue here.

Using innovative processes and techniques we purify (waste)water and recover heat, nutrients and other raw materials. Thanks to this sustainable process, you will be able to reuse this heat and these raw materials in your business process.

Our working area

We are the largest supplier of water services to the Dutch industry. Together with all our subsidiaries and joint ventures, we are active in the largest industrial clusters of our country: From Amsterdam to Groningen and from Limburg to Zeeland. Just as our service provision, also our working area stretches from A to Z.

We are also active across the border. We develop water services for and with our clients In England, Germany and Belgium.


Sustainable water solutions
Within our sustainability programme Water Without Waste we develop a work method that allows us to make actual future-proof choices, together with the client. For example, the reuse of water. This requires energy and chemistry, but at the same time it saves water. Or considering a different approach regarding the use of energy versus chemistry in different purification techniques. We keep searching for the best solution, taking account of local circumstances in the area of nature, water, CO2 and energy.


Added value for our clients, environment and stakeholders

Evides Industrial water creates added value and the best water solutions for its clients, environment and stakeholders, using the knowledge and expertise of its employees. This results in excellent solutions in the area of quality, continuity, sustainability and innovation. We work from a long-term-commitment and develop products and services adapted to the various needs of our clients.


Our solutions

Evides Industrial water ensures the supply of different types of water, tailored to each individual client. In addition, we also purify all waste water flows of clients. Company waste water is completely filled with valuable raw materials. Not only the water itself. We manage to recover also heat, nutrients and other raw materials and apply them once again in the client’s business processes. This way, we will be able to close the water cycle and simultaneously significantly reduce the footprint of the activities of our clients.