Adaptation and sustainability WWTP Schiphol

The wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) Schiphol is being adapted to meet future discharge requirements and to respond to developments at the airport. Evides Industriewater and Schiphol Nederland BV have opted for the implementation of a fine sieving installation as an additional pre-treatment step. This sieve captures cellulose, which increases the capacity of the current plant. Evides Industriewater has started the construction which will contribute to the further sustainability of WWTP Schiphol.

Strategic partnership since 2004
In 2004, Schiphol Nederland BV and Evides Industriewater entered into a strategic partnership for the WWTP Schiphol. Evides Industriewater purifies the wastewater from the airport to a quality that is suitable for discharge into the Ringvaart canal of the Haarlemmermeerpolder. Various options were evaluated by Evides Industriewater to adapt the WWTP in such a way that it can continue to meet the developments in the area of wastewater at the airport and future discharge requirements. This solution also contributes to the joint ambition of Evides Industriewater and Schiphol Nederland BV to make the WWTP Schiphol more sustainable.

Installation in use mid 2019
The implementation of the fine sieves was chosen on the basis of the suitability, sustainability, robustness and cost effectiveness. The fine sieves are added as an extra pre-treatment step to capture suspended matter, mainly cellulose from toilet paper. Evides Industriewater started the construction in January 2019. They choose to use a Bellmer fine sieving installation from SOLIS Projects. Evides Industriewater will start using the installation mid-2019. In addition, Evides Industriewater is looking into the feasibility of converting the captured cellulose/toilet paper into a new resource to replace other raw materials that are currently being sourced externally. This solution fits in perfectly within the ambition of Evides Industriewater for ‘water without waste‘ solutions.

More information
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Concept 3D fijnzeefinstallatie SOLIS Projects t.b.v. AWZI Schiphol

concept 3D fine sieving installation from SOLIS Projects for the WWTP Schiphol

Evides Industriewater, inventive.