Annette Ottolini opens the NEREUS Pilot location

On the 25th of June, Annette Ottolini, director of Evides Waterbedrijf, officially opened the NEREUS Pilot location in Rotterdam in the presence of international guests. At this location in the Merwe-Vierhavengebied research is undertaken for the re-use of urban wastewater.

With representatives present from the European and Dutch project partners, Daan Roosegaarde – artist, entrepreneur, inventor, designer and next-door neighbour of the pilot location – talked about the relation between design and technology. According to him innovation, ‘out of the box’ thinking and showing what you are working on, are the most important building blocks of the NEREUS Project. After the presentation Annette Ottolini opened the location by symbolically extracting valuable resources from wastewater. Ottolini: “Re-use is one of the critical areas for Evides to actively contribute to a sustainable living environment. To achieve this, we want to develop partnerships, something this project clearly demonstrates. Earlier research was very promising and we are now building on that in an international context.

Value from wastewater

At the NEREUS Pilot project. Evides Industriewater is undertaking research to get maximum value out of wastewater, e.g. the recovery of water, nutrients and energy. The wastewater is processed in various steps to produce irrigation water and recover nutrients. Also various techniques are used to extract energy from the water. For this project Evides is working together with: Logisticon Water Treatment B.V., Delfland Water Authority, Hollandse Delta Water Authority, Schieland & Krimpenerwaard Regional Water Authority and the City of Rotterdam

What is NEREUS

This research is part of the European NEREUS project. NEREUS aims to increase the reuse of resources, water and energy from wastewater by boosting the adoption of technologies in urban areas. The European project partners involved are: CAPSO, DuCoop, HZ University of Applied Sciences, Southern Water Services , University of Portsmouth, Water-Link and VITO/VLAKWA.


Would you like to know more about this project? Please visit our NEREUS project website.

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