Botlek Central Wastewater Purification Plant

Evides Industriewater has started building the Botlek Central Wastewater Purification Plant (CAB) at the Huntsman Holland BV site. In recent years Evides Industriewater worked as project developer and manager of the WWTP (wastewater purification installation) and developed the CAB in close cooperation with the industrial companies in the Botlek area.

The CAB is replacing the current WWTP at Hunstman and has a purification capacity of about 100.000 contamination units. This means the CAB will have sufficient capacity to serve multiple industrial companies outside of the Huntsman site for the coming years by means of a pressurised waste pipeline. The CAB is designed to allow future expansion if needed.

Scale advantage and lower costs
The joint purification of wastewater offers many advantages because by optimising the utilisation of available purification capacity, the wastewater is treated at an optimum total cost of ownership. By using the latest technologies the processes have the lowest possible impact on the environment. The companies involved don’t have to be concerned about compliance issues, because the CAB complies with the newest regulations. As a result, the companies no longer have to worry about their own WWTP’s and can fully focus on their primary processes. With the CAB project Evides Industriewater contributes to improving the business climate in the Botlek area by offering an optimal, centralised water treatment. Which means new companies do not have to make this investment themselves.

More information
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