Partner of industry
Evides Industriewater realises that the focus in the industrial sector is increasingly on cost reduction, more efficient production processes and better energy infrastructure and energy-saving measures. That is why Evides Industriewater is happy to be an industry partner. We focus on your objectives and we develop custom-designed solutions to improve your business.


Sustainable solutions throughout the water chain
By continuously investing in research and the development of technological innovations, we want to keep contributing to a better environment. Energy savings, cleaner water and a smaller water footprint affect us all. As a water specialist, we have a pioneering role to play and we want to develop innovative, sustainable solutions throughout the water chain.

Contributing to the circular economy
See below for a number of examples of how Evides Industriewater is contributing to the circular economy.


Anaerobic purification of industrial waste water in the Sloe area
Evides Industriewater is expanding the Sloe waste water purification plant at the Vlissingen business park with an anaerobic pre-treatment process. Amongst other things, this process is aimed at facilitating the growth of companies that are active in the food sector. Waste water is being purified more effectively and more efficiently. With the technology being used, energy is released from waste water in the shape of biogas, heat and green electricity. Evides Industriewater offers companies an area-specific, sustainable solution.

Efficient water savings at Dow Terneuzen
Evides Industriewater is working together with Dow Benelux in Terneuzen on a unique pilot. One of the objectives is to reduce the water footprint through re-use. In this European E4Water project, three water flows are being purified and re-used for cooling tower replenishment water or water for agriculture, for example, or are being upgraded to demiwater.

Sloewarmte using residual heat
In the port of Vlissingen, five companies are working together on the re-use of residual heat. Evides Industriewater has developed the infrastructure together with these companies. The residual heat link is making a major contribution to a sustainable Zeeland seaport. The annual CO2 emissions are expected to be reduced by 4,300 tons. In addition, the residual heat link produces energy savings of around 2.4 million Nm³/j.

Evides Industriewater, inventive.