Circular water for Sparta football club

Wednesday 20th June was the official opening of the underground water buffers and the new Cruyff Court at the Sparta football stadium in Rotterdam.

The Urban Water buffer of 1000 m³ is located underneath the new Cruyff Court in Rotterdam Spangen. The rainwater from the Spangen-area and the Sparta stadium is collected and stored deep underground. Because the rain water doesn’t end up in the sewers, the chance of the streets flooding is reduced. The water is pumped up and used for spraying the artificial grass of the Sparta football stadium.

The Urban Water Buffer is realised by the city of Rotterdam, the Delfland Water Authority and KWR, together with Cruyff Foundation, Evides, Betrokken Spartaan, Sparta football club and the residents’ initiative Natuurlijk Spangen.

In this project Evides Industriewater is responsible for managing the installation. Evides Industriewater has a wealth of experience in managing and maintaining these sorts of installations and systems. With this installation Evides Industriewater is able to supply a circular water solution to football club Sparta. At the moment drinking water is being used for spraying the artificial grass. In the event of a long period of drought and if the supply from the buffer is not sufficient, drinking water is still available as a backup solution.

With this solution Evides is contributing to making the city of Rotterdam more climate-proof and reducing the use of drinking water.

Evides Industriewater, inventive.