Corporate Social Responsibility Gold Recognition Level

Evides Industriewater received the EcoVadis Gold Recognition Level-certificate for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. The audit was performed on behalf of BASF. With this audit result puts Evides in the top 5% BASF suppliers. To improve the sustainability in the industrial supply chain a group of companies – e.g. BASF, Bayer and DSM- took the initiative to set up ‘Together for Sustainability’ (TfS). A worldwide audit program was developed to judge and improve the sustainability in the chemical industry supply chain.

Increased sustainability
The EcoVadis methodology framework assesses the policies and measures put in place as well as the reporting published by companies with regards to environmental, labour practices & human rights, fair business practices and sustainable procurement issues. The assessment conducted by CSR experts is made on the basis of the company’s answers to a survey which is dynamically adapted to their country, sector and size, on the basis of supporting documentation and on public and stakeholder (NGOs, trade unions, press) information. In 2014 Evides received the Silver Recognition Level following an audit on request of Air Liquide. These excellent results confirm the efforts we take to operate more sustainably.


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