Always available, always reliable
Whether it involves the production of high-quality process water or the purification of waste water, it is vitally important that your water treatment plant is always available and can operate safely for the lowest possible operational costs. We are happy to use our extensive knowledge and experience so that your plants can perform as optimally as possible. And in doing this, we relieve you of all your worries.

Lowest discharge cargo ever
Evides Industriewater has taken over various water treatment plants from customers and in that way has helped them to improve the existing business processes. The takeover of the waste water purification plant at Huntsman in Rotterdam has helped the company achieve its lowest discharge cargo ever.

Advantages of Operations Plus of Evides Industriewater:
• Operational Excellence
• Technological process knowledge
• Expertise based on years of experience
• Cost-effectiveness through target-oriented asset management

Evides Industriewater, inventive.