Scale advantage and lower costs
According to Evides Industriewater, what might initially seem like a threat is actually an opportunity for various companies in the area to work together. After all, by also including the purification of waste water in the highly integrated Botlek area, waste water can also create a competitive advantage. This is because investments in waste water purification plants will no longer be necessary and it will be possible to focus on production, ultimately resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

Launching customers
Evides Industriewater worked together with launching customer Huntsman for the development of the Botlek Central Waste Water Purification Plant. The project involves the construction of a new waste water purification plant and pressure sewer to which various companies in the surroundings can connect.

Pressure sewer pipeline
The pressure sewer will be constructed in the Botlek. The construction of the sewer is a complex project because of all the other pipelines in the group. A new pipeline can only be laid after very careful harmonisation.

Extensive capacity
The CAB waste water purification plant (AWZI) will be positioned next to the existing waste water purification plant on the Huntsman site. In order to serve enough companies, absorb growth and process waste water peaks, the waste water purification plant will have a spacious design (>140,000 contamination units). In addition, it will be possible to expand if this is deemed desirable in the long term.

Evides Industriewater, inventive.