Modern technology
Since the 1970s, Evides has been supplying distilled water to the industry segment in the Rotterdam port area. This has now been replaced by demineralised water, which is produced using the latest technology. To distribute the water produced in the DWP, Evides has a double pipe network available through which the demineralised water is supplied to the companies in the Botlek-Europoort area.

DWP II: an improved copy of DWP
In terms of technology, the Maasvlakte deminwater plant is almost an exact copy of the successful first DWP, which is located on the Huntsman site in Rotterdam. With a capacity of approximately 800 m3 per hour, DWP II will serve a range of industrial customers at other locations in the Botlek-Europoort area. Also in this new deminwater plant, reliability, sustainability and (cost) effectiveness are the main focus.


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