Additional information about demiwater
Evides Industriewater supplies demiwater to the customer’s point of supply with contractually agreed limiting values. At the customer’s request, we will provide access to the demiwater analysis reports we routinely draw up for our own use; these are the same reports on which the water quality data in this PDF is based.

If you wish to have additional analyses, they will be conducted at your expense. In case of a dispute about the analysis results, after mutual consultation an independent laboratory will be asked to conduct the relevant analyses again. The analysis results issued by this laboratory will be binding.

Water quality data

Demiwater is not hygienically reliable and therefore cannot be used for sanitary applications, for example. The customer will therefore do its utmost to prevent demiwater from being used for sanitary purposes by its employees or other third parties. In this context, the customer indemnifies Evides Industriewater from third-party claims for compensation.

Evides Industriewater supplies the data for the water quality of demiwater, Brielsemeer water, agricultural water and drinking water. With just one mouse click, you have access to the reports containing all the relevant quality data. The data is regularly updated. You can download the reports containing the quality data related to demiwater, water from the Brielsemeer, agricultural water and drinking water under the ‘Downloads’ header.

click here for the period report on drinking water.

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