DWP Maasvlakte now officially opened


The Maasvlakte Demin Water Plant (DWP) has been officially opened. The Demin Water Plant is part of the demin water system with which Evides Industriewater supplies a large number of companies in the Botlek / Europoort and the Maasvlakte. We now produce and deliver around 800 m3/hour of ultra-pure demin water. In combination with DWP Botlek, Evides Industriewater will now be able to provide new and existing customers in the Port of Rotterdam area with ultra-pure demin water with a high degree of security of supply.

Meeting growing demand
Evides Industriewater has been supplying ultra-pure demin water from its DWP Botlek to a growing number of companies since 2010. To ensure all customers continue to receive sufficient demineralised water, the production capacity has been increased with the construction of a second demin water plant on the Maasvlakte. With this expansion we can continue to provide ultra- and pure-demin water to current and future industrial customers in the Botlek, Europoort and Maasvlakte.

Official opening
The DWP Maasvlakte was officially opened on July 4th 2019. Jan Robert Huisman, director of Evides Industriewater talked about his pride in the smooth running of the project from plan to realisation and thanked the Evides employees, contractors and other stakeholders for their roles in achieving this. Leon Wijkhuis, project manager for the construction of the DWP Maasvlakte at Evides Industriewater, looked back on a development that started with the first plans in 2014 and culminated in the final realisation at the end of 2018. A dynamic process with some major challenges. Finally, Leon gave an overview of the demin water production process. After that, guests and customers were given a tour in and around the Demin Water Plant. The visitors were impressed by the installation and the end to end process needed to continuously deliver reliable demin water for their production processes.

More information
Would you like to know more about the possibilities for the supply of demin water, please contact Ron Biemans: r.biemans@evides.nl



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