Euroliquids connected to the Evides Industriewater demineralised water network

Through its demineralised water network, Evides Industriewater supplies demineralised water to a large number of (petro) chemical companies in the Port of Rotterdam. Chemical company Euroliquids joined this network in December 2018. This means that Euroliquids is now assured a reliable, efficient and constant supply of high-quality demineralised water.

High-quality demineralised water from multi-client installations
Evides Industriewater produces demineralised water in the Port of Rotterdam area, in two large Demin Water Plants with a total capacity of 2,400 m3 per hour. To deliver the demineralised water to the customers, Evides Industriewater uses a double piping network of 48 kilometres.. The network has been adjusted over the years to continue to meet the water demand and to guarantee security of supply. At the moment, Evides is in the process of replacing 18 kilometres of outdated pipeline.

Challenging project
Since December, Euroliquids has been one of the dozens of customers connected to the Evides Industriewater network of demineralised water. The chemical company uses the water as process water for the production of liquid fertilisers and chemicals. The construction of the connecting pipe which, like all of the pipeline network, has built-in redundancy was combined with the replacement of pipelines that Evides Industriewater is currently working on. This meant less inconvenience for the surrounding businesses. However, this was a challenging project because of the many other cables and pipes in the surrounding ground. As a result of a good preparation, organisation and coordination with, among others, the other network operators, the connection has been safely realised on schedule.

More information
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Werkzaamheden aan demileidingnet voor de aansluiting van Euroliquids

Work being carried out to connect Euroliquids to the Evides Industriewater demineralised water network

Evides Industriewater, inventive.