Evides supplies high-quality demiwater from its Botlek demiwater plant (DWP Botlek) to a large number of chemical and petrochemical companies in the Botlek-Europoort area. DWP Botlek’s capacity is 1,400 m3 per hour. Because of an increasing demand, Evides Industriewater is realising a second demiwater factory located in the Maasvlakte so that Evides can supply its customers there with process water now and in the future. The new demiwater factory will be producing 800 m3 of demiwater per hour. And just as at DWP Botlek, the purification process will combine ion exchange technology (IX) and membrane technology (RO). The use of membrane technology as the main desalination step means that the system will be less dependent on the salt concentration in the feed water.

DWP Maasvlakte Aerolin juni 2016 1500x1000
The new demiwater plant will be built at a location on Dolfijnweg in the Maasvlakte 2 area

DWP Maasvlakte: an improved replica of DWP Botlek
In terms of the technology, the Maasvlakte demiwater plant is almost an exact replica of the successful first demiwater plant located at the Huntsman site in Rotterdam. With its capacity of around 800 m3 per hour, DWP Maasvlakte will serve a wide range of industrial customers. And as at DWP Botlek, reliability, sustainability, efficiency and cost effectiveness will also be the top priorities at this new demiwater plant. Together, both plants provide industrial water for the Botlek, Europoort, Maasvlakte 1 and Maasvlakte 2 area.

Download the brochure here: DWP Botlek Case (Dutch text).

The construction activities for the new demiwater factory will include:
– Realising pre-treatment and post-treatment on the site at Dolfijnweg
– Realising storage for buffering, wastewater treatment and distribution on the site at Dolfijnweg
– Realising sludge drying beds on the site at Dolfijnweg
– Realising connecting pipes and linking them to the existing infrastructure
– Realising the electrical power supply, including connection of the power cables.

Natural values
We will implement the project in consultation with the relevant government organisations and environmental managers. That means we’re able to minimise any inconvenience and work in an environmentally-friendly way. We will all steps to protect the natural values in the surrounding environment.

Questions about DWP Maasvlakte
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