Evides Industriewater builds RO water factory for Albemarle


Evides Industriewater builds RO water factory for Albemarle

Evides Industriewater is designing, building and financing a water treatment plant for Albemarle on the basis of a DBFO contract (Design Build Finance & Operate). This means that Evides builds the plant and is also responsible for its management and operation. This DBFO structure creates a win-win situation for our customers and Evides. That means that Albemarle does not have to invest in its own plant and can focus on its core business.

Sustainable water management = savings on drinking water
Albemarle is aiming for sustainable, efficient and reliable water management. Evides is achieving this with an RO water factory in which the production of RO water is being maximised and which can grow and handle the requisite investments intelligently. Evides has created a robust design that complies with all the relevant standards in the area of reliability and supply security.

American company Albemarle produces catalysers for the oil and plastic industry. The Evides RO water factory is being built on the Albemarle site in Amsterdam-Noord, where Albemarle’s Catalysts division has a large location.

Evides Industriewater, inventive.