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Would you like to know more about our products, services or realised projects? In this section of our website, you can view various brochures, factsheets and other documents about Evides Industrial Water. Would you prefer to receive a specific brochure by traditional mail? Then contact us.

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Installation of four gigantic tanks at construction site DWP Maasvlakte

Four gigantic tanks are being installed at the construction site of our new deminwaterplant. More and more companies in the port of Rotterdam are using the demiwater that Evides Industriewater (EIW) is supplying through the demiwater network. Because of an increasing demand, production needs to be expanded. Evides Industriewater is building a second demiwater factory in the Maasvlakte area.

Grensoverschrijdende Innovatieve Water Samenwerking

Evides en de Universiteit van Gent werken samen om industrie water te hergebruiken.

Sustainable tap water/corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Purification with innovative, environmentally-friendly technologies and delivery with no packaging or road transport: tap water is sustainable. We are constantly working to improve sustainability. Like to see how? Watch our 2-minute film.

DWP Botlek - reliable delivery of demineralised water

Huntsman, BP, AkzoNobel, E.ON, ExxonMobil, Air Products and Q8KPE — Evides Industrial Water supplies these and other customers with high-quality demineralised water (deminwater) from its Demi Water Plant (DWP) in Botlek.

Operations Plus from Evides Industrial Water

Evides Industrial Water helps its customers with the operational management and maintenance of their water treatment plants. With Operations Plus, Evides offers a complete service package in the area of operational management, maintenance and advice for water activities.

Annual report Evides Water Company - Our work in 2014

View the work and results of Evides Water Company here.

Delft Blue Water: high-quality irrigation water for the horticulture sector

Delft Blue Water purifies used urban water and processes it into quality class I irrigation water for the horticulture sector. Tomatoes were grown in the Westland growing station from February to November 2013. There was no difference between tomatoes nourished with surface water and tomatoes nourished with Delft Blue Water. Watch the film.

Evilim Industrial Water Limburg: always reliable water

Evilim Industrial Water BV provides water services to its industrial customers: the delivery of process water, waste water purification, construction and the operational management of custom-designed plants and water consultancy. Evilim provides these services on the basis of its knowledge of the technology and the market, its tried-and-tested experience and its financial strength. In this way, Evilim wants to be the perfect partner in water for its customers: a primary point of contact and a supplier and provider of total solutions. Evilim supplies “Always reliable water”.

North Water - Salt Waste Water Purification Facility (ZAWZI)

This animation was commissioned by North Water Groningen.
It explains the way the Salt Waste Water Purification Facility (ZAWZI) in Delfzijl works.

An employee’s story

Plenty of work at Evides Industrial Water for higher professional and university graduates.

Rotterdam Bio Port Plug & Play at Maasvlakte 2

The Plug & Play cooperative venture for bio-based industry in the port of Rotterdam is unique. Watch the promotion film.

Introduction to the Evides Industrial Water Deminwater Plant - BASF Antwerp

On 22 September 2011 Evides Industry Water celebrated the official commissioning of a new process and demineralised water plant for BASF in Antwerp. ‘Met Inspiratie’ was responsible for creating this introduction film, from initial concept to final its production.

Water purification

Evides Watercompany is the supplier of drinking water in the south western part of the Netherlands. Some 2.5 million consumers and companies rely on high quality drinking water — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company’s activities further include water treatment and the supply of various types of water to industrial clients in the Netherlands and abroad.

Evides Industriewater, inventive.