Our world of innovation and research
We would like to take you on a journey through our world of innovation and research. Evides Industriewater is investing a great deal of money and energy in innovative projects with partner organisations:
Sustainable and efficient purification
Energy and raw materials from waste water
New technologies
Water re-use

Research facility Delft Blue Innovations
Delfland Water Authority, Evides Industry Water and Delfluent Services make under the name Delft Blue Innovations their research facility available to anybody who conducts research that contributes to the further improvement and sustainability of the water cycle.

E4Water: efficient, economical, ecological water management in the chemical industry
Based on six demo projects, the European E4Water-project is aiming for a new standard for water management in the chemical industry in Europe. One of the six projects is the pilot at Evides Industriewater / Dow in Terneuzen in the Netherlands. This pilot focuses on the mild and cost-effective desalination of locally available brackish water for (re)use in industry. The first results with nano-filtrate and electrodialysis reversal are promising and show that lower-quality water can also be used and is therefore attractive for regions that are affected by water stress.
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