Model project
E4Water Dow/Solvic: Economical, Ecological, Efficient

Evides Industriewater is a partner in the E4Water project. E4Water stands for Economically, Ecologically, Efficient Water Management in the European chemical industry. It is a joint venture between 19 European companies and (research) institutions that is aimed at making a breakthrough in the field of integral and energy efficient water management. Evides Industriewater is taking part in two pilot projects: Mild desalination at Dow Terneuzen and an Industrial experimental garden at Solvic in Antwerp.


Mild desalination (Dow)
In the pilot project with Dow, Evides is working together with the Delft University of Technology, TNO and FNHW (Fachhochschule NordWest Schweiz) and, of course, Dow Terneuzen. The aim of the project is to create freshwater quality from the brackish water flows currently being discharged that can be used in a multifunctional way – for example, as a raw material for preparing demiwater or as irrigation water in agriculture.

The project started by creating factsheets for the different purification techniques. This involved both pre-treatment processes and desalination techniques. These factsheets are short descriptions of the technologies with key figures for energy and chemical use, costs and design parameters. Based on these factsheets, the technologies are first tested on a laboratory scale and it is then decided how and where to apply the technologies. The pilot hall at the DECO location close to Dow Benelux, where demiwater and cooling water are produced, was partly built for this purpose and is now ready to be fitted out.

Purification techniques
Besides various purification techniques, a number of water sources are also being used in the pilot. One of these is discharge water from the cooling towers of Dow and Elsta. Because Elsta’s cooling towers are just a stone’s throw from the pilot hall, we wish to test this water. The various chemicals that are used in the cooling water treatment constitute a challenge in the trial aimed at desalinating this water.

Demo Solvic
At Solvic in Antwerp, a pilot in the area of waste water has been running for some time. At Solvic, the aim is to upgrade various waste water flows to a demiwater quality that can be deployed in Solvic’s production process. Sustainability and cost-effectiveness are important factors in this process. Solvic has stated that it wants to save 20% to 60% on drinking water collection. On this project, Solvic is working together with Vito, the Flemish Institute for Technological Research.

Salt content
Researchers soon noticed that the salt content of the waste water had increased. Drinking water had to be added to create good quality demiwater. Instead of drinking water, an alternative water source is being sought, namely the water from the port (Quay water). This water must first be desalinated before it can be deployed. Use of the alternative water source is consistent with Solvic’s aim to use less drinking water in the production process.

In July 2015, the study with the desalination pilot was completed and the technologies for the treatment of the Quay water for Solvic will soon be deployed. In order to apply the treatment at Solvic, the plant is being dismantled, rebuilt and adapted.

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