Granular sludge technology on Harnaschpolder

On March 29th, the pilot installation for granular sludge technology for waste water treatment in a continuous process at the Harnaschpolder WWTP in Den Hoorn has been officially put into use. The use of granular sludge is expected to be advantageous for various aspects of the wastewater treatment process, with which a new future lies ahead for existing treatment plants. The pilot and the research are possible through collaboration between the Delfland and Rijnland water boards, Delfluent Services, TU Delft, Evides Industriewater and Royal HaskoningDHV.

In the symposium on the occasion of the opening, PhD candidate Viktor Haaksman and Professor Mark van Loosdrecht, both from Delft University of Technology, explained the pilot. In the pilot set-up, the process conditions that are required to form granular sludge in a purification with a continuous flow are developed and tested.

It is expected that a continuous granular sludge process will result in a lower energy consumption and a significantly smaller footprint. Besides a valuable raw material (alginate-like polymers) could be extracted from the granular sludge. Additional advantage: due to the compactness of this process existing parts of the treatment plant are released. With that release the capacity can be increased and / or space is released for after-treatment to improve the quality of the effluent. If the results of the pilot are positive, this granular sludge technology is expected to be applicable also for other existing wastewater treatment plants.

For Delfland, the purification of waste water is an important task. Because of the finiteness of raw materials and the task to work in a circular way, the water board considers water treatment as a factory where raw materials are extracted or water can be made reusable. This pilot fits perfectly with this ambition: not only purification, but also the reusability of raw materials and water – with the lowest possible energy consumption.

For Evides Industriewater, this compact technology offers opportunities to improve the purification efficiency within existing plants. In addition, capacity expansion can be realized at a low cost.

de pilotinstallatie voor korrelslibtechnologie voor de afvalwaterzuivering op de Harnaschpolder

Evides Industriewater, inventive.