International research into process water purification


Evides Industriewater is collaborating with Ghent University, BASF, Dow and Yara Chemicals on IMPROVED: a project to improve process water purification. An excellent example of cooperation in the water supply chain and beyond.

Evides Industriewater, the University of Ghent and nine companies in the border area launched IMPROVED in early 2016. The organisations in question want to work on sustainable systems in the supply chain. To do this, they are developing a technique that can be used to turn water of various qualities into process water. IMPROVED stands for: Integrale Mobiele PROceswatervoorziening Voor een Economische Delta (Integrated Mobile Process Water Provision for an Economic Delta). This mobile process water unit can be used to test the entire water treatment procedure on site, from the pre-treatment process, demi water production and the process of steam preparation. Moreover, cooling towers can be simulated to determine the effect of a different pre-treatment process. For example, the dynamics of variable spring water quality and the effect of this on the production process can be studied to optimise the water supply to the various companies. Evides Industriewater already has considerable experience in this area and is using this experience to innovate and give its customers even better advice about water management.

Dow, Yara and BASF
The aim of IMPROVED is to study process water purification from different water sources. Process water is often made from (fresh) surface water obtained from a lake or river. The IMPROVED project is investigating whether it is also possible to upgrade other water types, such as brackish water and waste water, into process water. If the research is successful, the industrial sector will not have to use as much fresh surface water for production processes. To achieve this, a mobile infrastructure is being designed, constructed and applied/tested at a number of large industrial water consumers. These are Dow, Yara and BASF. The research process will run for three years. The pilot plant will be designed and built during the first year. The years after that will be used to tackle various technological water issues by deploying this pilot on location. Based on the specific customer requirement, the University of Ghent, Evides Industriewater and the relevant customer will determine which modules (purification steps) will be deployed.


The following organisations are working together in IMPROVED: The University of Ghent, BASF Antwerp, Dow Benelux, Yara, Vlakwa (Flanders Knowledge Centre Water), SKIW (Foundation for Knowledge Exchange about Industrial Water Technology), IEC, HZ, i-Cleantech Flanders and Evides Industriewater. The project started early in 2016 and will continue for three years.

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