Mobile water purification plant has been moved to BASF

Just before the summer the mobile water purification plant from IMPROVED moved from Yara Sluiskil to BASF in Antwerp. The tests at Yara on the condensate streams have been completed and only the final touches have to be made on the summary report.

In the meantime the tests have been started at BASF. At these tests the focus is on the research into the optimal purification setup for the production of demineralised water from process water and on the polishing of a condensate stream.

At this moment, tests have already been carried out with reversed osmosis (RO), membrane distillation (MD) and ion exchange (IX) on process water and with RO, IX and ED (electro dialysis) on condensate. Other combinations will be tested in the coming period, including activated carbon and advanced oxidation (O3/H2O2) for the removal of TOC (Total Organic Carbon).

During the experiments it appeared, among other things, that an altered quality of water supply led to other removal efficiencies for TOC.

The plant will remain with BASF until November, after which it will be moved to Dow Terneuzen where the research will focus on the polishing of condensate streams.


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