NEREUS Pilot Den Hoorn

The Evides Den Hoorn NEREUS demonstration project is a test installation for the recovery of water, nutrients and energy from wastewater. The wastewater is processed in various steps to produce irrigation water and recover nutrients. Also various techniques will be used to extract energy from the water. The Evides Industriewater pilot project is located at the wastewater treatment plant Harnaschpolder in Den Hoorn.


The value of wastewater

Wastewater…that doesn’t sound very nice. But wastewater contains lots of valuable components that can be re-used for all kinds of things. Which means you need fewer new materials. Which contributes to less waste. That’s why at Evides Industriewater we undertake research to recover as much of this value as possible out of our wastewater. We do this with all kinds of innovative technology.
Here’s how this works.


Paula van den Brink


Tessa Steenbakker

Proces Engineer

Han van de Griek

Proces Engineer

Otto Schepers

Proces Engineer

Rick Jansen

Proces Engineer

David Moed

Teamleider Process & Technology


Would you like to know more about the NEREUS Pilot Project in Den Hoorn. Please contact us at

Peuldreef 4, 2635 BX Den Hoorn, the Netherlands

Project partners

Within NEREUS there are five demonstration projects. As well as the Evides Industriewater pilot project in Den Hoorn, there are demonstration projects in Belgium (one in Ghent and one in Antwerp), in the north of France and in the UK.

There are also partners involved to provide knowledge that is needed for the pilot project: University of Portsmouth, HZ University of Applied Sciences and VITO. These partners support by monitoring the demonstration projects and developing tools and strategies with other partners. This provides insights for future projects to stimulate implementation of the technologies. With a focus on recovering energy, water and nutrients.

Local partners

Local partners involved in the Evides Industriewater pilot project in Rotterdam include: City of Rotterdam; Delfland Water Authority; Schieland & Krimpenerwaard Regional Water Authority; Hollandse Delta Water Authority and Logisticon Water Treatment BV.