New RO installation for customer specific research

Since the start of 2018 Evides Industriewater has a new Reverse Osmoses (RO) pilot installation at its disposal. This installation allows Evides to undertake research into improvements in the process of the deminwater purification and answer customer specific questions. Questions such as: “how can we improve the performance of our demineralised water plant” or “how can I reduce the Total Cost of Ownership” can be investigated with this installation.

The installation is designed so that hybrid purification concepts can be researched. The focus is on solutions for two well-known mechanisms: biofouling and scaling on membranes. The installation contains three membrane units. The first small RO unit is used as a comparison with the first membrane in a full-scale installation and with the biggest problems with biofouling occur. The second stage is a larger RO unit that ensures a good thickening factor. The third RO unit is placed on the concentrate of the larger RO unit, which makes it comparable to the last membrane in a full-scale installation. This membrane generally suffers most from scaling. Each unit is provided with online measurements and sampling points. There is also an automatic ‘cleaning in place’ unit to clean the membranes, if necessary, and to test new cleanings.

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