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Evides Industriewater present on ETEI2020

On Thursday June 4, 2020, Paula van den Brink gave a presentation on behalf of the NEREUS team at the online conference Environmental Technology for Impact 2020 (ETEI 2020) , organised by Wageningen University (WUR).

DWP Maasvlakte now officially opened

The Maasvlakte Demin Water Plant (DWP) has been officially opened. The Demin Water Plant is part of the demin water system with which Evides Industriewater supplies a large number of companies in the Botlek/Europoort and the Maasvlakte. We now produce and deliver around 800 m3/hour of ultra-pure demin water. In combination with DWP Botlek, Evides Industriewater will now be able to provide new and existing customers in the Port of Rotterdam area with ultra-pure demin water with a high degree of security of supply.

Toilet paper replaces chemicals

Evides Industriewater works with various partners to optimise wastewater treatment. One example is the Interreg2Seas project NEREUS (New Energy and Resources from Urban Sanitation). This is one of the projects contributing to our Water Without Waste ambition: water services without wasting water, energy and raw materials.

Evides Industriewater receives EcoVadis Gold certificate

The international audit firm EcoVadis has once more awarded Evides Industriewater the Gold Recognition Level certificate for its corporate social responsibility. This puts Evides Industriewater in the top 5% of organisations evaluated by EcoVadis.


Duurzaam alternatief voor antiscalant in Reverse Osmose proces

Sustainable alternative for antiscalant in Reverse Osmosis process

Evides Industriewater is committed to delivering sustainable water solutions with the lowest possible impact on the environment. One of the focus areas is to reduce energy and chemical consumption. As part of this, Evides Industriewater recently tested a sustainable alternative to antiscalant. With positive results!

Werkzaamheden aan demileidingnet voor de aansluiting van Euroliquids

Euroliquids connected to the Evides Industriewater demineralised water network

Through its demineralised water network, Evides Industriewater supplies demineralised water to a large number of (petro) chemical companies in the Port of Rotterdam. Chemical company Euroliquids joined this network in December 2018. This means that Euroliquids is now assured a reliable, efficient and constant supply of high-quality demineralised water.

Evides Industriewater will be at the following events

  • – Aqua Nederland Gorinchem: 19 – 21 March 2019; Gorinchem, Netherlands
  • – Essener Tagung: 20 – 22 March 2019; Aachen, Germany
  • – Global Water Summit: 8 April 2019; London, UK
  • – ENVAQUA: 7 May 2019 ; Gorinchem, Netherlands
  • – SKIW/ENVAQUA ‘Praktijkcases Behandeling  Industrieel Afvalwater’: 22 May 2019; Eerbeek, Netherlands
  • – Utility Week Live 2019: 21 – 22 May 2019; Birmingham, UK
  • – IWA Edinburgh: 10 – 14 June 2019; Edinburgh, UK
  • – IWA Water Reuse 2019: 16 – 20 Jun 2019; Berlin, Germany
  • – 2019 European Waste Water Management Conference: 16 – 17 July 2019; Birmingham, UK
Sigrid Scherrenberg

Sigrid Scherrenberg new Manager Operations

Since  January 2019 Sigrid Scherrenberg has taken on the role of Manager Operations at Evides Industriewater. Sigrid succeeds Ferdy van Damme, who has held this position the last years. From January 2019 onwards Ferdy will focus on implementing improvement projects and coordinating new construction projects.

Concept 3D fijnzeefinstallatie SOLIS Projects t.b.v. AWZI Schiphol

Adaptation and sustainability WWTP Schiphol

The wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) Schiphol is being adapted to meet future discharge requirements and to respond to developments at the airport. Evides Industriewater and Schiphol Nederland BV have opted for the implementation of a fine sieving installation as an additional pre-treatment step. This sieve captures cellulose, which increases the capacity of the current plant. Evides Industriewater has started the construction which will contribute to the further sustainability of WWTP Schiphol.

Water without waste

Water Without Waste

Together with its customers and partners Evides Industriewater creates sustainable water solutions. We have our own R&D department to gain knowledge and insights for re-use of water and recovery of raw materials. Evides Industriewater is committed to being energy neutral by 2025. All these activities are part of our sustainability programme ‘Water Without Waste’.