Stay informed about the latest developments at Evides Industrial Water or about new projects. This part of the website includes the latest news reports.


Mobile water purification plant has been moved to BASF

Just before the summer the mobile water purification plant from IMPROVED moved from Yara Sluiskil to BASF in Antwerp. The tests at Yara on the condensate streams have been completed and only the final touches have to be made on the summary report.

Circular water for Sparta football club

Wednesday 20th June was the official opening of the underground water buffers and the new Cruyff Court at the Sparta football stadium in Rotterdam.

The Urban Water buffer of 1000 m³ is located underneath the new Cruyff Court in Rotterdam Spangen. The rainwater from the Spangen-area and the Sparta stadium is collected and stored deep underground. Because the rain water doesn’t end up in the sewers, the chance of the streets flooding is reduced. The water is pumped up and used for spraying the artificial grass of the Sparta football stadium.

New RO installation for customer specific research

Since the start of 2018 Evides Industriewater has a new Reverse Osmoses (RO) pilot installation at its disposal. This installation allows Evides to undertake research into improvements in the process of the deminwater purification and answer customer specific questions. Questions such as: “how can we improve the performance of our demineralised water plant” or “how can I reduce the Total Cost of Ownership” can be investigated with this installation.

Mobile solutions for supply of deminwater

Sometimes you need extra deminwater. During maintenance of your own installation for example. Or if you need more deminwater than your own installation can deliver e.g. in an emergency situation. At those moments the mobile RO-unit of Evides Industriewater can provide the solution.

Annette Ottolini opens the NEREUS Pilot location

On the 25th of June, Annette Ottolini, director of Evides Waterbedrijf, officially opened the NEREUS Pilot location in Rotterdam in the presence of international guests. At this location in the Merwe-Vierhavengebied research is undertaken for the re-use of urban wastewater.

Mayor of Copenhagen on working visit at NEREUS pilot in Rotterdam

Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, together with a delegation of 20 people paid a working visit to Rotterdam. The program included a visit to Uit Je Eigen Stad and the NEREUS pilot of Evides Industriewater.

Evides Industriewater introduces the first self-service deminwater filling point

To extend the range of services offered to its industrial customers, Evides Industriewater has introduced a self-service deminwater filling point. This is the first site in The Netherlands where companies can get their deminwater 24/7. The filling point is in Dordrecht on the public road next to the Evides deminwater plant.


Evides Industriewater ZERO BRINE partner

Evides Industriewater is a partner in the European ZERO BRINE research project. ZERO BRINE advances circular economy business model solutions to reduce industrial saline wastewater streams by recovering and reusing the minerals and water from the brine in other industries, thus ‘closing the loop’ and reducing the environmental impacts of production.


Evides Industriewater replacing over 18 kilometres of pipeline network for deminwater

The pipelines of the deminet in Rotterdam Harbour date from the 60’s and 70’s. Evides Industriewater started with the replacement programme in 2015. Evides performs regular assessments to determine if all pipelines still meet the necessary requirements. The assessment of the deminwater network showed that some PVC pipelines and some intermediate fibreglass reinforced pipe segments have to be replaced earlier than scheduled. The replacement programme is planned until 2020.


de pilotinstallatie voor korrelslibtechnologie voor de afvalwaterzuivering op de Harnaschpolder

Granular sludge technology on Harnaschpolder

On March 29th, the pilot installation for granular sludge technology for waste water treatment in a continuous process at the Harnaschpolder WWTP in Den Hoorn has been officially put into use. The use of granular sludge is expected to be advantageous for various aspects of the wastewater treatment process, with which a new future lies ahead for existing treatment plants. The pilot and the research are possible through collaboration between the Delfland and Rijnland water boards, Delfluent Services, TU Delft, Evides Industriewater and Royal HaskoningDHV.