Stay informed about the latest developments at Evides Industrial Water or about new projects. This part of the website includes the latest news reports.


Deminwater network Rotterdam Harbour

The Rotterdam Harbour area has a wide deminwater network of more than 40 kilometres, that is fed by the deminwater factories in the Botlek area and on the Maasvlakte. The deminet was set up in the 1960s during the development of the Rotterdam Harbour. Through the years the system has been adapted to the developing demand of water, driven by the economic development of the Netherlands and Western Europe.

Sustainable cooling

Sustainable cooling water is on the rise. Evides Industriewater is receiving more and more questions about alternatives to chemical water treatment in open, circulating cooling systems. This demand is driven by the end users’ sustainability goals and stricter legislation in this area. Evides Industriewater has developed an alternative cooling water concept which demonstrates that, with better control of the water quality, we can make the entire cooling system more sustainable and reliable with lower total cost of ownership.

Solar Park Braakman Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

By 2025 Evides Water company wants to be completely climate and energy neutral. With the motto ‘improve the world, start with yourself’ it has started a program with which Evides aims to reduce their CO2 footprint to zero.


Botlek Central Wastewater Purification Plant

Evides Industriewater has started building the Botlek Central Wastewater Purification Plant (CAB) at the Huntsman Holland BV site. In recent years Evides Industriewater worked as project developer and manager of the WWTP (wastewater purification installation) and developed the CAB in close cooperation with the industrial companies in the Botlek area.

Successful meeting for the Delta Water Challenge

Multiple teams of students participated in the Delta Water Challenge in September and October 2018. Evides was the host for this event on the 20th of September. The purpose of the meeting was to brainstorm innovative solutions for a sustainable Zeeuwse Delta. Through the Delta Water Challenge different organisations work together to raise interest in water related issues. And to ensure we will have enough water professionals available in the future.

Mobile water purification plant has been moved to BASF

Just before the summer the mobile water purification plant from IMPROVED moved from Yara Sluiskil to BASF in Antwerp. The tests at Yara on the condensate streams have been completed and only the final touches have to be made on the summary report.

Circular water for Sparta football club

Wednesday 20th June was the official opening of the underground water buffers and the new Cruyff Court at the Sparta football stadium in Rotterdam.

The Urban Water buffer of 1000 m³ is located underneath the new Cruyff Court in Rotterdam Spangen. The rainwater from the Spangen-area and the Sparta stadium is collected and stored deep underground. Because the rain water doesn’t end up in the sewers, the chance of the streets flooding is reduced. The water is pumped up and used for spraying the artificial grass of the Sparta football stadium.

New RO installation for customer specific research

Since the start of 2018 Evides Industriewater has a new Reverse Osmoses (RO) pilot installation at its disposal. This installation allows Evides to undertake research into improvements in the process of the deminwater purification and answer customer specific questions. Questions such as: “how can we improve the performance of our demineralised water plant” or “how can I reduce the Total Cost of Ownership” can be investigated with this installation.

Mobile solutions for supply of deminwater

Sometimes you need extra deminwater. During maintenance of your own installation for example. Or if you need more deminwater than your own installation can deliver e.g. in an emergency situation. At those moments the mobile RO-unit of Evides Industriewater can provide the solution.