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Sloewarmte: towards a sustainable Zeeland seaport

A number of companies in the port of Vlissingen are working together to re-use residual heat. The residual heat coupling is making a significant contribution towards a sustainable Zeeland seaport, by producing savings in energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions. On 21 October 2016, Sloewarmte B.V. was officially opened by Ben de Reu, representative of the Province of Zeeland.

Phosphate recovery from waste water at Schiphol and fertilisation airport grounds


Second demiwater factory planned for Maasvlakte

Second demiwater factory planned for Maasvlakte

Sustainable alternatives for process water

The business world, government bodies and knowledge institutes are researching how to close the water chain

During the coming three years, an international knowledge consortium is researching new technology to improve process water purification. The organisations involved, including Evides Industrial Water, are focusing on making the water supplies to large industrial consumers more sustainable and future-proof. Ghent University and the industrial water consumers BASF, Dow and Yara Chemicals are participating too.

Dream team of ‘cleaning bacteria’ surprises North Water

Something unusual is happening at North Water’s industrial salt wastewater purification plant in Delfzijl. After just five years in operation, the purification plant has developed ‘supersludge’. A scientific study to find out how this sludge is being created and how to make its technical application more robust is now under way.

International research into process water purification

Evides Industrial Water is collaborating with Ghent University, BASF, Dow and Yara Chemicals on IMPROVED: a project to improve process water purification. An excellent example of cooperation in the water supply chain and beyond.

Anaerobic purification of industrial waste water in the Sloe area

Evides Industrial Water is expanding the Sloe waste water purification facility at the Vlissingen business park with an anaerobic pre-treatment process. Among other things, this expansion is facilitating the growth of companies that are active in the food-sector. The waste water will be purified more effectively and efficiently. With the technology used in this project, energy is released from the waste water in the form of biogas, which is converted to heat and green electricity. In this way, Evides Industrial Water is expanding its activities and offering the companies in this business park a future-proof, area-specific and sustainable solution for their waste water.

Watervisie | 18 february 2016 |Evides Industrial Water in circulair economy

Water quality is under increasing pressure from drug residues and pesticides. In addition, climate change is causing water stress in a number of regions, including the Netherlands.

Donny de Vriend wins second prize in “The Challenge 2015”

On Friday 27 November, Donny de Vriend of EIW won second prize in the Water Training Challenge. He made a film about his work at the Terneuzen sewage water purification plant.

Evides Industrial Water builds RO water factory for Albemarle

Evides Industrial Water welcomes the Albermarle site in Amsterdam as a new client. Evides will build a RO water factory for Albermarle. Evides Industrial Water is designing, building and financing a water treatment plant for Albemarle