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Evides Industriewater B.V. places cookies and similar technologies (hereinafter simply called ‘cookies’) via this website. The purpose of this page is to help you get a better understanding of cookies and other similar technologies and how we use them.

Like most websites, Evides Industriewater uses cookies and similar technologies (hereinafter simply called ‘cookies’) on its website.

Cookies are small data files which generally consist of letters and numbers. These files are stored in the memory of your computer, tablet, or mobile phone (hereinafter called ‘devices’) when you use one of them to visit our website or to view a message. These small files allow Evides Industriewater to store certain pieces of information each time you visit or use our website.

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Cookies allow a website to recognise specific devices or web browsers. There are different types of cookies:
• ‘Session Cookies’ are cookies which expire at the end of your browser session. These cookies help us to establish a link between your actions during that specific session.
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How does Evides Industriewater use cookies?
Evides Industriewater uses different types of cookies for different purposes for which your consent has been asked.

Essential cookies: We use these cookies to make our website work properly.

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Analytical cookies: We use Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. for analytical purposes. Google Inc. uses Google Analytics to collect your IP address and information on how you use this website. It is possible that this information is stored outside the EU/EEA. Google Inc. may combine the information which they collect about you with other information they have about you. Evides Industriewater has no influence on what Google Inc., an external party, does with the data which they collect by means of their cookies. For more information, please visit

How can you oppose the use of cookies?
If you have any objections to the collection of data by means of cookies, you have to refuse permission for placing cookies. In case of rejection of the cookies on this website, the cookies will not be placed. In that case it is possible that you will not be able to use all functionalities of this website.

Cookies can be disabled or removed. The tools to do this are available in most commercial browsers. The preferences for each browser you use have to be set separately, and different browsers offer different functionalities and options.

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