Pure quality process water
Evides Industriewater complies with those requirements by supplying process water of excellent quality. Our customers in the chemical and petrochemical sector can always rely on the non-stop delivery of the requisite water. So that they can focus on their core activities.

Chemical and petrochemical customers inside and outside the Netherlands
In the Netherlands, Evides Industriewater has plants at Dow Benelux, Yara, Shell, Chemours, Huntsman and Kuwait Petroleum, amongst others. WE also supply high-quality process water to BASF in Antwerp and Dow Chemical in Stade (near Hamburg). Our clients include large chemical companies such as LyondellBasell and Indorama.

Examples include:

Kuwait Petroleum Europoort

Kuwait-Petroleum_panoRotterdam, the Netherlands

Start operation : 2009
Product : Polished Deminwater
Source : Demineralised water and recovered condensate
Max. capacity : 2x 125 m3/hour
Technology : IX


Dow Benelux

Terneuzen, the Netherlands

Start operation : 2001
Product : Cooling water, demineralised water, polished water
Source : Treated waste water, household water, condensate, surface water from the River Meuse
Max. capacity : Cooling water 650 m3/hour Deminwater 750 m3/hour Ultra-pure water 1,050 m3/hour
Technology : Multi Media filtration IX, RO
Redundancy : N-2



Sluiskil, the Netherlands

Start operation : 2009
Product : Polished (ultra-pure) Deminwater
Source : Groundwater, surface water, condensate
Max. capacity : 625 m3/hour
Technology : IX (ultra-low TOC < 100 ppb)
Redundancy : N-1



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