Custom-designed process water
Evides Industriewater specialises in customisation. Specific problems require specific solutions. We supply various qualities of process water, from pre-purified surface water to high-quality demineralised process water to leading companies throughout the Netherlands. This water is used for a wide range of applications in the chemical and petrochemical industry, the energy sector and the food and beverage industry.

We extract 42% of the industrial water from the Meuse, 33% from the Brielse Meer, 13% from the Rhine and Elbe and 12% from smaller local sources. By deploying multiple sources in combination with proven technologies, we offer our customers a high degree of supply security and reliability.

Whatever youwatch-animation-buttonr process water needs, at Evides Industriewater we help you find the best possible solution for your particular situation. Innovation, sustainability and cost-effectiveness are central to that process. We focus on water so that you can focus exclusively on your core business. 
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Demiwaterplant (DWP) Botlek

Evides Industriewater supplies high-quality demiwater from DWP Botlek to a large number of chemical and petrochemical companies in the Botlek Europoort area. With a capacity of 1,400 m3 per hour, DWP Botlek is the largest demiwater plant that Evides Industriewater has realised until now. The purification process consists of a combination of ion exchange technology (IX) and membrane technology (RO). The use of membrane technology as the main desalination step makes the system less dependent on the salt concentration in the feed water.
Evides Industriewater will realise a second demiwater factory in the Maasvlakte 2 area. The factory is due to be completed by the autumn of 2017. Go to the DWP Maasvlakte project page.


Evides Industriewater designs, builds and finances water treatment plants for organisations on the basis of DBFO-contract (Design Build Finance & Operate). This means that Evides builds the plant and is also responsible for its management and operation. This DBFO structure creates a win-win situation for our customers and Evides. That means that the customer does not have to invest in its own plant and can focus exclusively on its core business.

BASF, a good example of DBFO

BASF is a world leader in the chemical industry and is active in all prestigious markets. Evides Industriewater supplies the entire BASF Antwerp site with process water extracted from surface water. For this purpose, a process water plant with a capacity of 2,000 m3/hour was built on Dutch territory. This process water also feeds the demiwater plant that Evides built on the BASF site that has a non-stop capacity of 440 m3/hour (max 550 m3/hour).

Evides Industriewater, inventive.