Agricultural water in Zeeland
A huge amount of our agricultural water is currently consumed in Zeeland. Here, the amounts of fresh surface water and groundwater are limited. Moreover, the extraction of this water is often linked to very strict requirements. Our custom agricultural water is pre-treated surface water from the Biesbosch area that is supplied to farms in Central Zeeland through a special pipeline.

Innovative, sustainable solutions
With sustainability and cost-effectiveness in mind, we are constantly focusing on innovation at Evides Industriewater. And that includes agricultural and irrigation water. Delft Blue Water is a pilot project, for example, in which we purify waste water and re-use it as replenishment for incidental irrigation water in Westland.

Why agricultural and irrigation water from Evides Industriewater?
• Low costs
• A sustainable solution
• Custom water solutions
• Continuously available

Evides Industriewater, inventive.