High-quality technologies for the best demiwater
To obtain demineralised water, we use membrane filtration and ion exchange, among other things. That way, not only are all the suspended particles (such as sand and algae) removed from the water but the water is also stripped of other constituents.

Demiwater for a wide range of applications
Our demiwater is mainly used for the production of high-pressure steam. The ultra-pure quality of the demiwater guarantees good conductivity and prevents contamination in costly turbines. The steam that is produced can be deployed as a heat source in distillation processes in the petrochemical industry. The chemical industry, the energy sector and the food & beverage industry also use our demiwater.

Quality and cost-effectiveness
Reliability and supply security are priorities for us when it comes to demiwater. After all, the best product results in the most stable and therefore the most cost-effective processes. We guarantee a high degree of reliability and a sustainable delivery.

Demi Water Plant Botlek and custom-designed plants
From our Botlek Demi Water Plant (DWP), we supply numerous companies with high-quality demiwater based on a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy. In cases where this commodity system is not sufficient, we also realise custom-designed plants based on DBFO contracts. Because we work independently of suppliers, we can build and manage these plants very cost-effectively.

Demiwater solutions for a wide range of customers
Our demiwater solutions are used at Shell / Air Liquide, Albemarle, Dow Benelux, Esso, Gunvor and Cargill, amongst others. We also supply them to BASF in Antwerp and Dow Chemical in Stade (near Hamburg).

Why demiwater from Evides Industriewater?
• High quality
• Sustainable solutions
• Innovative technologies
• Full support possible

Evides Industriewater, inventive.