High supply security
For our untreated freshwater, we use multiple sources, such as Meuse water from the reservoirs of the Brabantse Biesbosch area, as well as water from the Brielse Meer lake.

Good rough water for lower costs
High-quality fresh water is essential for industry. Our rough water prevents corrosion in machines so that plants last longer and the total cost of ownership is lower. The water is very suitable for industrial cooling but is also used for flue gas cleaning, for example.

Evides monitors water
Evides Industrial Water supplies rough water to a large number of industrial customers, such as E.ON, Q8, Indorama, Dow Benelux and LyondellBasell. While Evides Industrial Water ensures a non-stop flow of high-quality water, our customers can focus exclusively on their core activities.

Sustainable solutions
Needless to say, Evides Industrial Water closely investigates the long-term prospects of all products. Also when it involves the delivery of untreated water. What is the effect of climate change on the quality of this water? Can we continue to supply it in the future? These are all questions that we focus on intensively. For example, in this area we also represent the interests of industry in various consultation procedures.

Why rough water from Evides Industrial Water?
• Cost-effective
• Very high supply security
• High quality
• Sustainable

Evides Industrial Water, inventive.