Anaerobic and aerobic waste water purification
The purification yield of anaerobic purification is lower than aerobic purification. That is why a downstream aerobic water purification tap is required to achieve the required removal of organic materials (CZV), nitrogen and phosphate. Evides Industriewater has the expertise and experience required to use this combination of technologies.

EIW Houtrust 1 bubbleAlways the best end solution
Because no company or industry is the same, our process technologists work closely together with our account managers to find the best waste water purification solution for each specific situation. That way, you are not only assured of the best possible technology, but you also have a clear understanding of the costs and you can be sure that all the laws and regulations are being complied with.

Aerobic purification facilities
Evides Industriewater applies aerobic purification technology – often in combination with other technologies such as membrane technology – at our waste water purification facilities in Harnasch polder, Schiphol and Sloe. The purification process at the waste water purification facilities (AWZIs) is partly unmanned. Aerobic purification at BASF in Maastricht is carried out by Evilim.

Aerobic waste water purification plant (AWZI) in Delfzijl
In Delfzijl, Evides has developed a waste water purification plant together with North Water. This plant purifies the salt waste water from industry in Delfzijl using an ultra-low load aerobic process.

Why aerobic water purification from Evides Industriewater?
• Extremely reliable
• Always a custom-designed solution
• Good predictability costs
• Your entire waste water flow taken care of
• Complies with all laws and regulations
• Evides is the permit-holder and the responsible party

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