The advantages of anaerobic treatment
The experts at Evides Industriewater know exactly when and how anaerobic treatment can best be deployed to purify waste water with high organic contamination in the most effective way possible. Using this technique, it is possible to reduce the high operational costs of aerobic waste water purification and produce energy in the form of biogas. Not only does this reduce the total cost of ownership of aerobic waste water purification, the biogas that is released can also be used as a sustainable source of energy for electricity and heat production.

anaerobe-water-zuiveringMultiple industrial applications
Anaerobic water purification is mainly used in the chemical and petrochemical and food industries. For AMC Grupo Alimentación, which produces (mixtures of) fruit juices, Evides Industriewater has developed a custom-designed solution for the biological treatment of their waste water. The waste water released by the production process is neutralised in a special buffer tank and equalised and stripped of pulp. It is then transported to the Sloe waste water purification facility and purified there.

Why anaerobic water purification from Evides Industriewater?
• Controlled use of space
• Extensive technical knowledge
• Always a custom-designed solution
• Good predictability costs

Evides Industriewater, inventive.