In 2009, BASF Antwerp and Evides Industriewater signed a 15-year DBFO contract for the production and delivery of process water and demiwater. Based on this contract, Evides Industriewater built a process water plant (PWTP) of 2,000 m3/hour on Dutch territory. The process water is largely used as feed water for the existing demiwater production plant at BASF Antwerp but is also used for the production of demiwater in the new demiwater plant (DWTP) built by Evides Industriewater. The capacity of this plant is 550 m3/hour.

That means that BASF has not only expanded its demi capacity since 1 January 2011. Using water from the reservoirs of the Biesbosch – which is actually river water originating from the Meuse – to replace groundwater, Evides Industriewater is also making a major contribution to the further sustainability of BASF’s water portfolio.

Despite the fact that the TOC content complies with the specified requirements, some of the demiwater customers at the BASF site have defined additional requirements. For this reason, Evides is treating part of the water flow with RO technology, so that the demiwater that is produced can now comply with the strictest requirements

Evides Industriewater, inventive.