Sigrid Scherrenberg new Manager Operations

Since  January 2019 Sigrid Scherrenberg has taken on the role of Manager Operations at Evides Industriewater. Sigrid succeeds Ferdy van Damme, who has held this position the last years. From January 2019 onwards Ferdy will focus on implementing improvement projects and coordinating new construction projects.

Reliable and innovative
Sigrid has been working at Evides Industriewater for more than eight years. In recent years Sigrid was active as a team leader Process & Technology where she was responsible for the Evides Industriewater R&D program. As Manager Operations, Sigrid is responsible for the operational management and asset management of the Evides Industriewater installations. Operations includes the day-to-day operations of the multi-client installations and the customer specific installations based on our DBFO-concept (Design, Build, Finance & Operate).

Over the past 30 years Ferdy has contributed to numerous developments within Evides Industriewater. As Manager Operations, he worked to achieve reliable installations and efficient operations with his team. Questions from customers, new technologies and increasing process automation are all developments that Ferdy has made a major contribution to in business operations. In the coming years and in his new role as Senior Project Manager Operations Ferdy will focus on transferring his knowledge, insights and experience to his colleagues. With all his experience and expertise, Ferdy will contribute to the implementation of improvement projects and the supervision of new construction projects.

These personnel changes contribute to the improvement of continuity within Evides Industriewater. It gives our staff options for career development. In addition, Evides Industriewater believes it is important to ensure knowledge and experience are transferred and applied. In this way, Evides Industriewater can serve its customers in the best way possible, now and in the future!

Sigrid Scherrenberg



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