Solar Park Braakman Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

By 2025 Evides Water company wants to be completely climate and energy neutral. With the motto ‘improve the world, start with yourself’ it has started a program with which Evides aims to reduce their CO2 footprint to zero.

The production of energy from the sun is one of the concrete actions within the program. At the production site De Braakman in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen a large solar park of 6,153 panels has been set up.  A trial will start soon using solar cells on water. The Netherlands is aiming to have a fully sustainable energy supply by 2050. This must also be affordable and reliable for consumers and companies. In addition, it is important to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible in the coming years.

Supporting and accelerating the energy transition
Evides Water company and Evides Industriewater support and accelerate energy transition with three complementary initiatives.

  • – Evides takes responsibility for their own CO2-footprint and wants to be both climate neutral and energy neutral by 2025.
  • – Evides is participating in innovation processes that support the objectives of the energy transition.
  • – Based on (water) circularity, Evides Industriewater contributes to the sustainability objectives of the industry, for example with reuse projects and the recovery of raw materials.


Evides Industriewater, inventive.