Successful meeting for the Delta Water Challenge

Multiple teams of students participated in the Delta Water Challenge in September and October 2018. Evides was the host for this event on the 20th of September. The purpose of the meeting was to brainstorm innovative solutions for a sustainable Zeeuwse Delta. Through the Delta Water Challenge different organisations work together to raise interest in water related issues. And to ensure we will have enough water professionals available in the future. 

Generating ideas
The students worked in teams using different brainstorming techniques to generate ideas. The themes of this Delta Water Challenge were developing a future proof city, considering the consequences of climate change and to improving the living environment around the Veerse Meer (Veerse lake) and Oosterscheldekering (Oosterschelde sea defences).

There are three stages in the Delta Water Challenge. In the first (current) stage there are multiple meetups. The challenges are explained to all involved and they start brainstorming innovative solutions. In the second stage the best ideas are selected and new teams are formed to develop these ideas in stage three. The most promising ideas receive a prize package that includes cash prize, which will be awarded in January 2019.

More information
Would you like to know more? Please visit the website of the Delta Water Challenge




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