Sustainable alternative for antiscalant in Reverse Osmosis process

Evides Industriewater is committed to delivering sustainable water solutions with the lowest possible impact on the environment. One of the focus areas is to reduce energy and chemical consumption. As part of this, Evides Industriewater recently tested a sustainable alternative to antiscalant. With positive results!

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a well-known technology for the production of demineralised water. Unfortunately scale deposits (scaling) can occur during this process. To counteract this deposition, the addition of an antiscalant is required. However most anti-scalants contain substances that, when discharged into the water system, are damaging to the environment.

No harmful residual flows for the environment
Supplier Cosun has produced a sustainable alternative to antiscalant: an inulin derivative originating from the Jerusalem artichoke. Evides Industriewater has tested this product extensively with positive results! The advantage of using this product, for both Evides Industriewater and the customer, is that the residual streams no longer contain environmentally harmful substances. In addition to that, it is safer to work with this product, so no extra measures are required.

Application in mobile RO’s
Because of the environmental and safety benefits, Evides Industriewater has made the choice to start working with this sustainable alternative. The product is already being used in its mobile RO installations. In addition, Evides Industriewater is working on using this sustainable antiscalant in other RO installations. This is another important step towards working on a sustainable water supply! We will keep you informed of our R&D activities and applications in our regular news articles.

More information
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Duurzaam alternatief voor antiscalant in Reverse Osmose proces


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