Sustainable cooling

Sustainable cooling water is on the rise. Evides Industriewater is receiving more and more questions about alternatives to chemical water treatment in open, circulating cooling systems. This demand is driven by the end users’ sustainability goals and stricter legislation in this area. Evides Industriewater has developed an alternative cooling water concept which demonstrates that, with better control of the water quality, we can make the entire cooling system more sustainable and reliable with lower total cost of ownership.

Mobile cooling water pilot
The specially designed mobile cooling water pilot is built according to the NEN-ISO 16784-2 standard (Corrosion of metals and alloys – Corrosion and fouling in industrial cooling water system). The installation is mobile, so we can test on site using different water treatment programmes for specific kinds of feed water. The mobile unit contains a cooling tower and tube heat exchangers.  These tubes simulate a counter flow heat exchanger, with the warm water on the inside and the cold water on the outside. Because of the glass casing, contamination or corrosion can easily be visually monitored at all times. The pilot is fully automated and enables the user to test a wide range of water and pipe wall temperatures.

Measurement results
To get the best results, the pilot system is equipped with continuous on-line measurement of water quality, metallurgy and biology. Additionally a lot of water quality parameters are measured offline and once an experiment is complete, metallurgical analyses are carried out on the metal pipes and coupons of different materials. With these data Evides Industriewater can conduct research into which pre-treatment is needed to avoid loss of water and minimise the use of chemicals.

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