Water Without Waste

Together with its customers and partners Evides Industriewater creates sustainable water solutions. We have our own R&D department to gain knowledge and insights for re-use of water and recovery of raw materials. Evides Industriewater is committed to being energy neutral by 2025. All these activities are part of our sustainability programme ‘Water Without Waste’.

Water Without Waste is our route to a sustainable water supply for the industry, without wasting water, energy, chemicals and nature. In this program we focus on the following aspects:

  • – own GHG emissions: reducing CO2 emission in our own processes;
  • – GHG emissions value chain & compensation: reducing and compensating the CO2 emission in the chain;
  • – water depletion: reducing of water extraction through water reuse;
  • – preserve biodiversity: protecting biodiversity;
  • prevent pollution: preventing emissions to the environment.


Finding the right balance
Together with our customers and partners we work on providing the best solutions for a specific situation. A future proof water solution is a sustainable solution that also adds value to continuity and quality. Finding the right balance is an important issue within the sustainability ambitions. What is the best balance between water use and CO2 emissions? And what is the most important: the use of energy or chemicals? Evides Industriewater works with its customers to find the answers and deliver the best water solution.

More information
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Water without waste

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