Watervisie | 18 february 2016 |Evides Industriewater in circulair economy

Watervisie | 18 February 2016 | Xperience Dock, Rotterdam-Heijplaat

bubble-vindingrijkWater quality is under increasing pressure from drug residues and pesticides. In addition, climate change is causing water stress in a number of regions, including the Netherlands.

For this reason, large industrial companies are looking for more ways to reduce their ecological footprint and increase the value of process and waste water. In the Netherlands, too, there are more and more examples of companies embracing chain integration, which sometimes extends far beyond their business limits. Parties are working together on the production of steam to make the processing of waste water sustainable or to combine it in order to lower the costs and recover valuable raw materials such as struvite. Unfortunately, the legislation is still preventing value actually being added to those raw materials.

In the fourth edition of Watervisie, we show that the sustainable use of utilities such as industrial and waste water sometimes exceeds the competitive relationships. We show that chain integration and public/private cooperation is good not only for the environment but also for the competitive position of Dutch industry.

Evides Industriewater is a partner of Watervisie.

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Cradle to Cradle founder Michael Braungart to speak at Watervisie 2016

R&D director Henk Pool of Dow Benelux to speak at Watervisie 2016

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