An industrial water specialist with vision

Evides Industriewater believes that innovative, efficient and sustainable custom-designed solutions in the area of process water, waste water purification and water re-use must be available for as many companies as possible in the chemical and petrochemical industry, the energy sector and the food sector. That improves the efficiency of business processes and it also helps to create a better environment.

Evides Industriewater wants to be a partner-in-water for its industrial customers for the entire water cycle by providing a high service level, maximum reliability and effective innovation.

That way, you opt for:

Local knowledge
The Netherlands is built on water. We know our local area of operation inside out. What works somewhere else in the world doesn’t automatically work in the Benelux.

Technology and innovation
Technology is our core competency and that is why Evides Industriewater is always investing in the development of new technologies and increasingly efficient core competencies.

Reliability ans supply security
Our customers should always be able to rely on high-quality products and services and a high level of supply security. Whether it involves the delivery of demiwater or the operation of a purification plant. With sound maintenance planning, we ensure that all our plants are reliable and have a long life span. Evides Industriewater is PAS55 and ISO 9001 certified.

Specific problems require specific solutions. Based on your specific requirements and needs, we can develop a solution that complies with all your business processes.

Sustainability and cost-savings
There is no life without water. That is why, as a water specialist, we take our responsibility seriously by working passionately on innovative, sustainable solutions in the area of industrial water. And focus on efficiency and cost-savings for our customers. The result: much less burden on the environment, a smaller water footprint and an efficient, cost-saving solution for the customer.

People are our capital
No solution without competent, committed people. Our people are our greatest capital and are the basis of our success. We create an environment in which employees can develop to the best of their abilities. High-quality training courses, individual career planning, but also a good working environment. Evides Industriewater is experiencing healthy growth, so we can regularly welcome new people with ambition and the right attitude.

Subsidiary of Evides Water Company
Evides Industriewater is a subsidiary of Evides N.V., which supplies drinking water in Zeeland, the south-west of South Holland and the Brabantse Wal area. Evides Industriewater not only produces and supplies high-quality process water (such as industrial water, demineralised water and agricultural water), it also realises, manages and finances (on request) a number of different custom-designed waste water purification plants.

Evides Industriewater, inventive.